ChromeBook - CloudReady Install

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Here you will find links to some articles on how to maintain your ChromeReady laptop.

What is CloudReady and it's relationship to ChromeBook?

A ChromeBook is essentially a laptop that is pre-configured to run the Google Chrome browser on a dedicate operating system that is NOT Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac!

CloudReady is a software package from a company called Neverwear which is the software part of a ChromeBook. This allows almost any PC/Mac to be converted to be a ChromeBook look-alike. Neverwear is now part of Goole, which makes it 'official' if you like.

The main differences in running CloudReady to Windows or Mac are:


On the left are links to our own 'step-by-step' guides to perform certain functions with pictures to help locate the actions that are required.

Below are links to the Neverwear (CloudReady) pages of instructions. These pages will open in a new window.