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Governments need to buy multi-coloured wristbands

Self-identify, wear wristbands to inform of risks and roles

Color Code

Virus Status: (R/A/G -P)

Red- have virus

I have virus and am in isolation period - only approach with PPE

Amber - not had virus

No symptoms, not had test.Amber - not had virusNo symptoms, not had test.

Green - Safe have antibodies

Had virus, now safe to work

Purple - had test

Virus band validated

Role Status:

Blue - key person

I am Nurse,Doctor, Driver, Food preparer, Picker, Farmer, Surgeon,Admin, ... support me


Grey - old, disabled, special-needs  or vunerable

I am senior (50+) citizen,Offer help if greenGrey - old, disabled and vunerable

Yellow - medically at risk

I have medical condition - so at risk 

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