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Pandemic - DIY Ventilator (cost $200)

Virus killing by stopping lungs functioning - need to support breathing while drugs repair lungs ability to selft clean.

Governments will buy/build official ventilators - but wont be enough. 

Government and militray will focus on hospitals and MASH military field hospitals (tents in a field) - for the critically ill. 

1st line suppoort - government/hospital icu beds for the most critically ill.

2nd line support - military/field-hospitals and isolation tents for the severally ill.

3rd line support - community/hotels and isolation rooms (bed/tv/ensuite/food) for the ill with virus - but low support.

But we the people: can provide 3rd line

So need team like Avengers Ensemble - aka "Awooga Ensemble" of people to make hand-made additional ventillator capacity - for non hospital initial breathing support. 

So tools up you geeks - pick a role ( I AWOOGA am Tony Stark role - aka Iron Man) lets tool up and build this!

I need python programmers, for raspberyy pi ($50) device - with linux/python and control application - asap.

Who you gonna be? Also every car in world have ventilation unit - so a potential air pump source - just need tube + mask and could be breathing aide to help survive first 3 days.....

Geeks of the world - pick your marvel/dc character and step up.

Video of diy ventilator working:


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Lets save the world!

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