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1) Pandemic Solutions

#1 - Business Resilience Plan


  • Communicate
    • Tell staff,clients and customers your plan (Awooga  #1)
  • Work place Containment
    • Ensure all staff can work from home
    • Managers/team leaders to survey all staff home setups
    • Provide remote access for all
    • Provide pool laptops for any without home pcs
    • Encourage online meetings (skype,messenger,etc)
    • Close floor/offices as required - switch to remote working
  • Knowledge containment
    • Ensure all systems, processes, key knowledge documented
    • In case of staff illness (and or losses to key staff)
    • Start online training courses, ready from the aftermath (be prepared)
  •  Stop all new developments (if you house builder, dont build any new house as wont complete them!)
    • Clear the decks, batten down the hatches, prepare for the surge (tidal wave/storm)
    • Suspend all new developments, until virus initial surge passes 
    • Switch to fixing the “snagging list”, technical debt, quick fixes
  • Emergency fixes only
    • Only apply emergency, must have fixes, not new tech or features
  • Future planning
    • Ready for 2% (worst case) loss of key staff
    • Weekly/Monthly review of situation
    • Communicate when protocol stand down expected and when happens
  • Humour (turns fear into joy)

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Awooga #1  - Business Resilience Plan

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